For some time now, I’ve using Skype in the Classroom to tell students about Science, Magick, and Isaac Newton. You can find my Skype Profile at

Teachers who use Skype in the Classroom can follow the link to my Guest Speaker page, which includes a session on Isaac the Alchemist.

I also have an online presentation. I made it in the World as It Used to Be, so students could use it alongside my Skype presentation.   But anyone can check it out from home from these links.

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

They include some do-it-yourself-at-home alchemist’s experiments, but a word of caution; although they are COMPLETELY SAFE they don’t always work out they way they did when I first tried them.   I learned this when I was practicing the experiments for a show I did in England a few years ago, at the amazing Gravity Fields Festival.  Different temperatures and conditions make crystals grow, or not grow.  Tiny explosions take more or less time, depending. So the explanation for teachers that comes at the end of lesson three, well….it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. As they say. Which leads me to wonder, where did that expression come from? Methinks…Alchemy?