Isaac the Alchemist: Secrets of Isaac Newton, Reveal’d.

Coming February 14, 2017 from Candlewick Press!

Isaac is an angry 12-year-old boy who lives, all alone, in an attic room above an apothecary’s shop. He’s terrible in school, where they don’t teach you anything about stars, dragons, fireworks, catapults, or magic.

Not that that stops him. Because Isaac has a book of Mysteries, borrowed from the apothecary.

Because Isaac had a book....Want to make a flaming kite that will look like a comet, scaring the country folk for miles around? Read on.

Fire Drake, Mysteries

Someday, though he doesn’t know it yet, Isaac will become the world’s greatest alchemist. He’ll try to learn how to turn ordinary metal into gold. He’ll search for the Philosopher’s Stone that will reveal the secret of eternal life.  Along the way, he’ll discover the secrets of the universe, and the name Isaac Newton will become famous all over the world.

Someday, people will call him the Last Sorcerer.

But for now he’s only a boy with a quill pen, scribbling down his secrets in a tiny notebook….

“[A] splendid story…narrative nonfiction at its best and most convincing.”

*Starred Review, Kirkus    (Read it here!)

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